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Dear Ones,

As many of you know, my life changed majorly 5 and a half years ago when my son was born. And he is without a doubt the greatest blessing in my life. Thank you God.

Before his birth my ‘plan’ was to focus all my efforts on promoting and developing Fresh Fruit Cleanse as the book had just been published in August 2011. But, God had other plans and as we know, ‘We plan and God laughs.’

But, I will not give up on my dream of sharing my passion for health with you. While the path may twist and turn, I will always find my way back again. Having my Fresh Fruit Cleanse website redesigned was a major step in finding my way back because my new site reflects the energy I want to inspire-and yet it’s all a work in progress.

My latest inspiration comes from the fact I am Fresh Fruit Cleansing again! Recently, I became friends with an awesome person who also shares a passion for health. So, as I type she is also doing the 3 Day Reset Fresh Fruit Cleanse and loving it. Every time I cleanse it becomes SO MUCH EASIER. In the beginning, it was a process to decide which recipes I wanted to make, make a list, go to the store, etc. But now I know my favorites and I also know how easy it is to make all of them. So this time the Fresh Fruit Cleanse is a breeze.

This morning I had a RAW chocolate, kale and banana smoothie with unsweetened organic almond milk.

For lunch, I’m having Winter Squash Soup. I just learned there is 180% Vitamin A in 1 cup of butternut squash!

I can’t wait to eat this soup…it’s so delicious.

Anyhow, I’ll be back before long to share updates from my cleanse. I’m also going to weigh and see the weight loss transformation that happens this time from my cleanse too!

Blessings on your journey of health. May we inspire each other to be WELL.

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