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Happy Valentine’s Day Fresh Fruit Cleansers 🙂

I hope this finds you well and enjoying this precious and wonderful gift of life.

So, how many of my Fresh Fruit Cleanse friends have tried Pink Himalayan Sea Salt?

You can find Pink Himalayan Sea Salt at any natural food grocery store.  Pink Himalayan Salt has been protected for millions and millions of years deep in the Himalayans and is considered to be the most pure form of salt on the planet because of having never been exposed to impurities.

For the last couple of years, this incredible salt has been on my list of super foods to incorporate into my daily life, but, I didn’t finally get any until just a week ago.  And, it is AMAZING.

As a friend recently said, she loves and uses this salt. One of her naturopaths got her on it and she hasn’t gone back. And, I can see why. It makes food taste wonderful.  So, I use it in everything now.

Not to mention, its incredible health benefits for body, mind and spirit.

I took the picture myself and do you notice how on the left hand side of the picture there are rays of light? I didn’t see those rays when I was taking the picture. I truly believe that light energy is being reflected by the salt crystals because they have such a high vibrational quality and energy…

Speaking of vibration, that is one of the things I am focusing on more and more these days…the vibrational quality of food.


Everything in existence has a vibration. And, that vibration can be measured. Raw fruits, vegetables and super foods have a much higher vibration than low vibrational foods like cooked meat, processed dairy, etc.

It only makes sense that if you eat foods with a higher vibration, you will vibrate at a higher frequency in body, mind and spirit. No wonder they say one of the benefits of Pink Himalayan Sea Salt is for mood elevation and alleviating depression.

I really have noticed that I feel better since using this salt. And, it’s absolutely beautiful. You feel like you are eating some beautiful crystals on your food. But, I do feel a heightened energy and I attribute it to Pink Himalayan Sea Salt.

Here are few more of the benefits of this incredibly medicinal and wonderful super food:

  • Sharpens vital brain functions, improves mental clarity
  • Anti-aging; rids the body of acidic wastes that cause degeneration
  • Peaceful, relaxed quality of energy, better moods, positive thoughts
  • Ease cramps, constipation, digestive disorders
  • Regulates and purifies critical body fluid levels
  • Purifying, detoxifying to the blood
  • Stronger libido, sexual vitality, more vigor
  • Essential minerals replenishes vital electrolytes
  • Nutrients are absorbed more efficiently by the body.
  • Foods cooked with Himalayan Salt taste better, and their nutrients are absorbed better by the body.
  • It’s also good for your pet.

It is also said to contain various amounts of 82 different trace minerals, all found in the body, including: calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, copper and gold. This produces the marbled pink coloring of these salts.

I will be back soon to share more, but if you haven’t liked the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page, yet, please do. You will find lots more beneficial information for feeling good in body, mind and spirit, including, delicious recipes, inspirational quotes, and more. And, you can read the most recent True Yoga Blog post here.

Blessings friends and I will be back soon…

Love and light to all!

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