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Hello Fresh Fruit Cleanse friends and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

I hope this finds everyone well and enjoying this amazing New Year full of positive possibilities, potential and endless opportunities. 🙂

I love the mantra: Eat Clean in 2013. That is the perfect saying for this year!

And, that is exactly what I’m doing…finally. How about you?

Sure, I’ve been on a journey to grow and evolve into healthier and healthier choices, but, I haven’t always practiced what I preach. And, last year, with being pregnant, it was difficult to maintain an optimally healthy diet.  While I did eat very healthily, I did indulge way more than I normally would…hamburgers were my weakness.  Gotta give a pregnant girl what she wants to keep her happy, I do believe that’s true.  Being pregnant isn’t the easiest experience in the world, and, I do believe a pregnant body needs more fat, protein, etc. to be optimally well and nourish the growing baby.  But, that doesn’t mean we should overdo it and I definitely did not, but, let’s just say I’ve had some indulgent eating to cleanse out of my body from the last year.

Also, it wasn’t that I didn’t want to practice what I preached, it’s that I lacked the preparation and organization to be able to follow through on my good intentions, which, is probably the case for many of us no matter what that involves…food, a goal, etc.

After the Fresh Fruit Cleanse was published in Fall of 2011, I had intended to follow that faithfully, but, with pregnancy last year that wasn’t possible.  But, in 2013 it is and will be, because, I’m prepared AND organized…thanks to the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book.

It’s all there for me to follow, and, following it…I am.

I already completed a 5 Day Rebalance Fresh Fruit Cleanse a couple of weeks ago.  It felt SO good.  I lost weight, in fact, I’m only a couple of pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  And, I lost that weight, over 20 pounds, with gentle, daily Yoga and eating especially healthily after my baby was born.  I really kicked it up a notch, meaning the quality of my food choices, about 2 months after his birth once I was feeling strong and energized again.  Then, in this New Year, I went through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse and lost those stubborn 5 pounds I had wanted to lose….wooo hooo…  And, it was EASY and ENJOYABLE.  Now, I’m not saying there weren’t moments during the 5 Day Rebalance Fresh Fruit Cleanse that I wasn’t challenged, but, you can see I wrote about those challenges on the Fresh Fruit Cleanse facebook page.  The most challenging part was the moments when I wanted to chew something like a potato chip. (Which I’m happy to say I gave up as a snack post cleanse and haven’t had one for over 3 weeks…I was justifying them because they were reduced fat but the truth is reduced fat doesn’t matter when it’s not healthy for you anyways.)  So, in those moments I had dried fruit, such as, dates, prunes or apricots.

Here is what I wrote:

It is amazing, too, with cleansing how it is really only challenging the first two days, as you let go of some of the unhealthy habits/cravings. And, with the Fresh Fruit Cleanse it’s not that challenging at all because you can eat such wonderful food. As I have been cleansing this time, I have found the greatest challenge has been the occasional desire to snack on something, particularly, something crunchy/chewy. But, dates have saved the day when I have found myself in one of those moments, as well as, dried prunes. So, if you are cleansing, don’t forget you can enjoy dried fruit. And, of course, those plantain chips from the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book are a wonderful snack, also. And, a piece of fruit is always good, too.I heard someone say today the way to know if you are really hungry is to take the apple test. If you would consider eating an apple that means you are really hungry, and, you should eat that apple, or other healthy fresh fruit/snack. But, if when you think about eating an apple you say to yourself, no, I don’t want an apple but I do want potato chips, then, that means you aren’t really hungry but are giving into your cravings instead. I thought that was an interesting way of looking at it. Are your cravings for junk food or real food. If they are for real, healthy food, eat. If they are for junk food, watch those cravings and maybe let them pass on by instead of giving into them.  Enjoy a hot cup of tea, instead. And, when you do get hungry, for real, eat a healthy snack that’s good for you and your body.  Remember, the road of health and well-being is a journey, not a destination. We can always grow in healthier ways, but, still enjoy the occasional sweet treat in moderation. 🙂

Also, one of the most powerful ways to cleanse is with a friend.  So, my mom went through the cleanse with me and that’s what made it easier also.  I write about the importance of moral support in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book, also.  Definitely go through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse with a friend if you can.

I love the Fresh Fruit Cleanse…  Why?  I honestly believe it is one of the best nutritional programs you can follow for your health and well-being.  Not only does it make cleansing easy, enjoyable and possible because of all of the delicious and nutritious all-fruit recipes, but, those recipes, from the book, are recipes you can enjoy year round even when you aren’t cleansing.  And, that’s what I’m doing now.  I am still eating the recipes from the book, even after cleansing a couple of weeks ago, because they are that good.  And, I’m finding new recipes I love and enjoy, too.  For example, I just made a new recipe the other night.   You wouldn’t technically eat this during the Fresh Fruit Cleanse because it contains beets and sweet potatos, but, it’s an awesome dish you can make anytime of the year that will have you feel great, look great and stay in shape, knowing, you are giving your body the healthiest food you can give it…fruits and vegetables.

Beets, Apples and Sweet Potato

Such a simple, delicious and nutritious meal. This is the dish before it was baked.  The original recipe called for just apples and beets, but, I added sweet potato for a heartier wintertime meal. In the summertime, try it with just apples and beets or anytime for a lighter meal.

  • Just add a small amount of apple juice, sprinkle with nutmeg and bake at 350 until the beets and sweet potato are done.
  • Wonderful with wild or brown rice and a piece of salmon. Can’t go wrong with this one…it’s a delicious dish.

I’ve tried so many different cleanses over the years, and, as I write about in the book, the Fresh Fruit Cleanse is my favorite.  I am getting the results I want physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually without starving or depriving myself, which, so many cleanses cause a person to do.  I think it can be good to do a juice fast, periodically, but, you can achieve the same results without having to go to those extremes if you prefer to be able to eat food.  And, if you do, then the Fresh Fruit Cleanse is for you.

So, if you haven’t tried it yet I hope you will.  And, if you ever have any questions about the Fresh Fruit Cleanse you can contact me here on the Fresh Fruit Cleanse website.

Yes, you can make positive changes for your health and well-being in 2013 and beyond, for good, always…

Eat clean in 2013!

What does that mean?

It means no processed foods with artificial ingredients, it means no meat with hormones, it means no soda, it means all-natural, all the time, it means eat mostly fruits, veggies and whole grains.  Yes, you can do it I know you can.

If you indulge here or there, as I write in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book, that’s living, but, live your best life by eating food that’s optimally good for you most of the time.  And, you’ll find the more you do that, the less you want to eat food that doesn’t have you feel or look your best.

One of the things that’s been having me feel really good is eating Chia Seed gel as I wrote about in the previous post.  Chia Seeds will give you energy all day long.

The other thing that’s been having me feel great is drinking the Detox Blast Smoothie and the Green Protein Smoothie from the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book.  You can find the Detox Blast Smoothie recipe here. Lemons are the often overlooked fruit and they are SO IMPORTANT for your health and well-being…eating lemon regularly by blending them into your Detox Blast Smoothie, will have you feel great, full of energy, and give you a glowing aura to your cells and skin.

And, remember, as Sri Yuketswarji says:

“If you are making a spiritual effort now, everything in future is sure to improve.”

That’s been one of the guiding teachings in my life over the past several years.  And, cleansing is a spiritual effort that is recommended in almost all spiritual traditions.  So, cleanse away the old and awaken to a new, even more beautiful you in 2013 and realize you have the God-given strength and will to become the best you can be.

God’s blessings of love and health to all

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