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Hi Fresh Fruit Cleanse Friends,

I would love to hear from you.  It’s amazing how encouraging your comments are.  I really appreciate hearing from you if you enjoy the Fresh Fruit Cleanse or True Yoga Blog.  I was going to post this on the True Yoga Blog but it seemed more appropriate here since it’s about your health.

Lot’s of good things going on.  I’ve been shopping at a store called Teavana for the last couple of years.  Maybe you are familiar with the store? They are in most malls now across America.  It’s a high quality loose leaf tea store that sells some of the best teas in the world.  At first, I was reluctant to purchase the more expensive teas because they were, I thought, a little pricey.  But, I ‘ve realized it is well worth it.  The teas are amazing.  I have only tried their white teas, which, are the top 5% of quality tea in the world.  They sell all varieties of teas varying in price range, but, for the most beneficial teas like the white and green teas they are slightly higher in price.  I haven’t tried their green teas yet but I got to see some the other day and it looks incredible.  Beautiful…that’s the thing also…the teas are so beautiful and luminous with light and energy and they smell amazing…

So after a couple of years of shopping at Teavana and learning more and more about the benefits of loose leaf tea, I have decided to work there.  Yea!  I’m really looking forward to working with a company that is offering such a healthy and beneficial product to people.  Tea is medicinal physically, mentally, emotionally and, perhaps, even spiritually.  While Teavana is not able to make these claims, I am realizing the benefits of tea are true.  I recently read an article in AARP magazine about Antonio Banderas and he said his health and beauty secret is drinking white tea because it is so high in antioxidants…he said he drinks a lot of white tea.  The manager of the store, where I will be working, said when he started there four years ago he had acne.  Now his skin is clear and beautiful.  He doesn’t use any moisturizers…only a cleanser.  He had no wrinkles and he looks so youthful.  He also said his hair grows faster and he has to clip his nails three times a week.  He said when he started there he wasn’t sure if it was just him…but after working there so many years he realizes others have had the same experience.  That’s awesome.  So, I’ve definitely been increasing my tea drinking.  And, I feel really good from drinking it.

I had bought some Lavender Dream White Tea a couple of months ago.  When you are buying high quality tea it’s important to store it in an air tight container to preserve its benefits.  Anyhow, it’s lasted me for several months so it was well worth the investment in my self and my health.  In fact, one time when I was shopping there I was buying a gift for someone else and, when I was checking out, another person working there said…Are you going to get any tea for yourself?  I said…no.  And she said…if you aren’t good to yourself…no one else will be.  How true is that.  Her saying that was one of the most powerful things anyone had said to me and it inspired me to take better care of myself, too.

You can steep the white teas about three times.  This tea is awesome.  I just realized yesterday, when I was drinking it, that there are actually carrots in it!  All of a sudden I noticed carrot slices floating around in my tea maker.  There also rose buds in it, too.  So, it’s obvious if there are carrots and roses in your tea you are going to be receiving wonderful health benefits from that.

That’s the other thing… When you shop at the store you will notice the people working there look healthy because they drink the tea all the time.  That’s also what had me believe in its benefits.  Everyone has beautiful skin and glows with great energy.  Also, so many of the people who work there have told me they work there because they love the product.  That’s a really good thing.  I hope you’ll get to check out a Teavana store near you, or, order their products online.  They make wonderful Christmas gifts.  Who knows…maybe eventually Teavana will be able to offer a special discount for Fresh Fruit Cleanse friends…that would be awesome! Anything is possible 🙂

I’ll be back to write more soon.  Until then, love deeply, forgive quickly and laugh often.  Life is too short for drama and playing small. A good friend of mine, Rev. Lee, said that.  Absolutely.  I put that quote in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book.  And, follow your bliss and do what you love! Blessings to your health!

(You can see a better picture of Lavender Dreams White Tea on the Teavana website.  Wasn’t able to post it here.)

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