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Namaskaram ~

Well, I’m almost done with writing the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. While I had 6 months to write the book, I’ve been writing full-time for the past 5 months. What does that mean? Well, for many of those months I spent a lot of time in my room at home sitting on my bed. I heard about an author who, basically, locked herself in her closet at home without Internet to be able to write her book. With her second book, she had her husband drive her to a cabin and leave her there for the day and then come back and pick her up in the evening. I understand why it was so important for her to isolate herself. It’s not really ideal to go to a coffee shop when writing a book because there is too much noise and distraction. So, I finally found the local library to be a place of sanctuary for me to write when I’ve needed to get out of the house. The book will be turned in at the end of the month, then there will be a month for it to be reedited and it will be published in April. Hooray! This whole experience has been life-changing in so many ways. I know I keep saying that, but it’s true.

I actually went through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse myself last week for 6 days. I committed to 3 days, found it to be so easy and decided to go 5 days and on the 6th day I just kept eating the recipes from the book because they are so good. I lost 5 pounds without exercising at all throughout the week. I practiced gentle Yoga but didn’t do any cardiovascular activity. I love exercising but found it was best for me to be a little more low-key while I was on the cleanse and my body was detoxifying…

The reason why I was asked to write the book is because the publisher found the True Yoga Blog when searching for information about fresh fruit cleanse online. I did my first fresh fruit cleanse 9 years ago after reading a Yoga book that talked about it. However, other than outlining a simple plan, this book gave no specific instructions and/or recipes or guidelines in how to go through the cleanse. I successfully completed that cleanse one time on only fruit. In the last several years I’ve gone through a fruit cleanse but have modified slightly to be able to cleanse for several days. Because there weren’t any recipes in the information I had it was difficult to sustain the cleanse. So, seeing that I had written about this cleanse on the True Yoga Blog, the publisher asked if I would write a book about cleansing with fruit called the Fresh Fruit Cleanse and, of course, I said yes. Because of the book, I’ve developed a complete cleansing program anyone can follow for 3, 5, 7 days or longer. The book is full of amazing, nutritious and delicious all-fruit recipes. There are recipes you wouldn’t have ever thought could be possible. Like, for example, chocolate pudding made from avocado and banana. It’s the most delicious chocolate pudding I’ve ever tasted and it’s completely healthy for you! In fact, raw chocolate is one of the best and most medicinal foods on the planet.

I’m so glad I’ve been able to write this book because no matter what happens, it’s changed my life for the better. It’s had me realize healing physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually and I’ve grown into a healthier, happier and better person because of it. I now know and remember anything is possible we put our hearts and minds into in life. There is no limit. So dream lofty dreams and as you dream so shall you become…your vision is the promise of what you shall at last unveil. Those beautiful and true words were said by James Allen.

So, I feel amazing. I’m inspired to continuing to eat healthily and nutritiously. I no longer crave the things I was craving. I’m amazed…but I no longer even want gluten-free pasta. I’m not saying I won’t eat it ever. But, spaghetti squash with marinara sauce on top and stir-fried eggplant in olive oil on the side is much more delicious and has me feel amazing, healthy, full and satisfied when I eat it. Plus, my body can digest it so easily which makes all the difference in how I feel.

Again, if you are interested in going through this cleanse, please email me at and I will send you the info, complimentary. I’d love for you to go through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse and experience the incredible benefits for yourself. If you would be willing to share about your experience in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book I’d also love that, too. My body looks and feel better, my skin is glowing and healthy and I feel like I have a program for health and wellness that can sustain me throughout the rest of my life. And, it’s the way I want to live. It no longer feels like a sacrifice to let go of those other foods. The reality is healthy foods are not only better for you, they taste better! Coconut milk ice cream is just as good as dairy ice cream. This doesn’t mean you can’t ever have dairy ice cream but there are so many incredible alternatives which will have you feel your best. Then, when you want to indulge, indulge. You may find the healthier you feel the less you crave foods that don’t have you feel your best. Health is a journey and an evolution and it’s all about listening to your body each step of the way. Just like we’ve all heard our Yoga teachers say to us in class.

Speaking of Yoga teachers, I got to assist Shiva Rea this past Sunday in Austin, TX. This was my first time to assist her and it was amazing. I was so aware that, no matter how far along we are on the spiritual path, we are all in need of loving and supportive energy in our life, even well-known Yoga teachers. We all need to feel positive energy and support in our lives. The other 5 assistants and I (pictured above) got to eat lunch with Shiva which was wonderful. I’ve been studying with her for almost 4 years and have over 300 hours of study with her. This was the first time I got to have such a personal connected experience with her. She doesn’t consider herself a guru but calls herself a ‘river guide.’ I’m grateful for the teachings she’s shared on the path of Yoga. I’m looking forward to studying with her and assisting her more.

I will be back to share more soon. While there will still be more editing to the book after I turn it in at the end of the month, I feel like the most challenging part of writing it will be over. I’m looking forward to updating the True Yoga Blogs regularly again with info about all things Yoga, and, lots of wonderful recipes, inspirations and, even, online Yoga classes.

I love hearing from you. So, please let me know how you’re inspired to grow in the New Year and if you would like info on the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. Also, I’ve been asked to review a new book by Russell Simmons called Super Rich. I love Russell who is a fellow Yogi. The book will be here soon and I’ll let you know what I think. I’m sure it will be great. I love his book Do You! If you haven’t already read it, it’s a wonderful and inspiring read and excellent for the New Year.

Blessings in 2011 and beyond.

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