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Happy New Year! May blessings of Light shine upon us with each breath we breathe. No matter what our circumstances are in life we are so blessed. And, like the spiritual teacher Sri Yuketswarji said, if you are making a spiritual effort now everything in the future will improve. I believe this and I’ve realized the truth of this in my life many times. I have dealt with my share of difficulties and struggles as I know almost all of us have. And, I have realized that when I grow healthier in the choices I am making in life everything in life grows better and healthier, too. So, now is the time to commit to a healthier and happier you. It is possible and if you believe and ask you will receive. And, yet, we must do our part, too. We must make the choices in life to be the best we can be physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.

So, I would like to offer all of the True Yoga Blog readers the opportunity to go through the cleanse in the book I am writing: The Fresh Fruit Cleanse. The Fresh Fruit Cleanse will be published in April and is not completely finished yet. But, the entire cleansing program and step-by-step process of how to go through the cleanse is finished, and, if you would like to go through it, now, I will send you the information for free. The only request I have is I would love if you would be willing to share your experience and testimonial in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book. I am going to post the email I sent out to many of the cleanse participants today. If you are interested in going through the cleanse, too, simply email me at and I will send you all the information. Here is the email I sent out. I will be back to write more soon, but, I’ve gotta get back to the book for now. Blessings to each and everyone of you and all of us. I wish you all of the love, happiness, joy, peace and prosperity imaginable in 2011 and beyond. If you start of the year on a healthy foot and commit to growing well throughout the year, I know that no matter what challenges there are in life, this will be the best year yet. Cleansing is a spiritual effort. Keep making a spiritual effort and everything in life will improve. Think positively because faith and positive thinking are the same thing…

Love & Light to all of us with each Divine inhale and exhale we breathe…

Hello Friends,

Happy New Year 2011. May we know the fullness of blessings in our lives in this year and beyond.

Here is all of the information for the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. I would love for you to go through this cleanse some time this month, preferably, the 1st or 2nd week of January.

The Fresh Fruit Cleanse is so easy, plus, you get to eat the healthiest foods on the planet while you detox and lose weight and feel the best you can feel. I am so ready for a cleanse and I can’t wait to do the Fresh Fruit Cleanse myself. I’m going to the store this weekend to get everything I need and will start this Monday.

I will start my cleanse, the night before, with a salt water flush on Sunday night. While the salt water flush is not the most comfortable process it is highly beneficial to the health of you and your body. It is said disease begins on the plate. By keeping the colon clean you are able to keep your body as healthy as possible. So, do the salt water flush if you can.

Then, I will be eating menu items which are lower in sugar. But, feel free to plan your menu accordingly with what’s best for you. There really are no unhealthy choices when it comes to eating fruit. All fruit is good for you. But, it’s better to eat some of the higher sugar fruits in moderation, like mangoes, etc. Any of the phase 3 menu items are higher in sugar. But, again, feel free to incorporate these into your menu focusing on less being more. And, then, enjoy many of the phase 1 or 2 recipes, which include many tomato recipes and other low sugar fruits. Simply plan out your menu, then, go to the store to get everything you need. Remember, it’s best to eat organic fruits on the cleanse.

I would suggest committing to at least 3 days of the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. I am going to cleanse for 3 days, for sure, but do my best to make it a full 5 days. This is the best time of the year to go through a longer cleanse and I know you can do it. You’ll feel so good, after a few days, I believe you’ll want to keep going. Your skin will look amazing, your body will feel amazing and you will feel positive emotionally, too. But, just do your best. If you make it 3 days that is really awesome, and again, I know you can. The reason to cleanse a little longer, too, is because sometimes the first few days can be detoxifying. Usually around day 3 you feel your best…so keep going if you can!

Again, I would love to hear about your experience and include a testimonial in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse if you would be willing to share your experience. When you share the testimonial in the book you can include your first and last name, your first name and initial of your last name, or, you can share an anonymous testimonial. Also, your age and where you live will be included. Here are a couple of examples of testimonials from another cleanse book which was published by Ulysses Press who is also publishing the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. When writing a testimonial it’s important to share genuinely from your own experience. Be authentic about what inspired you to cleanse and do something healthy for yourself, (besides me encouraging you to) and share about the positive differences and changes you’ve realized as a result of following a healthier path and making healthier choices for yourself with the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. Starting this year off with the Fresh Fruit Cleanse and committing to yourself and your health will make this the best year yet. The quote is when your health improves, every other aspect of your life improves simultaneously. That was said by leading nutritionist and raw foodist David Wolfe. It’s true, when we make better choices we feel better and everything in our life grows better, as well. This is one of the main points I focus on in the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book.

“Over the past few weeks, I’ve really noticed changes from a higher raw diet. My mental clarity is improved, I feel truly optimistic and suddenly have a desire for exercise! I’ve started walking which is a substantial accomplishment for me. I see the cleanse as a way to achieve your weight loss goals as well as a long-term lifestyle choice for optimum health!”
– Sally J., 41 Angola, Indiana

“When I juice, drink Green Smoothies and eat fruits/veggies and salads, I feel awesome. I feel so connected to Spirit and feel the energy flowing through me and with me. This cleanse has helped me to be more aware of following my body’s signals to discover what I need to do for optimal health, not listening to others’ opinions of what is best. I have to be my own guru. I have lost over 11 pounds, and I see this as part of my lifestyle for the long term.”
– Kali A, 48 Lorain, Ohio

“In may ways, this experience has been a rebirth for me. I can’t full articulate the alchemy of it all, but things came together during the cleanse that have never coalesced this way before. I feel better able to nourish msyelf-to choose not only healthy but delicious foods that feed my body, soul, heart and spirit.

Many people think we must be eating cardboard if we are eating “healthy” and “raw”. Of course I know this couldn’t be further from the truth. I’ve always loved real, whole foods best, and since I’m a food snob, if something doesn’t taste yummy, I won’t eat it. So, believe me when I say I have not been eating cardboard! In addition to fabuluos raw breakfast, lunch and dinner meals, I’ve learned to make raw goodies that satisfy my cravings for chocolate, ice cream, and even the fattier foods. They are made with whole, raw ingredients and I use low-glycemic sweeteners and only the good fats our bodies need.

I plan to eat a high-raw-food diet moving forward. I always enjoyed eating fruits and vegetables, but usually got tired of them because I didn’t have varied and delicious ways to prepare them. Now I do. I view this more as a lifestyle choice than just about weight loss. Of course I’m thrilled to have released 18 pounds, but the overall health impact is more important to me in the long term.”
– Kimberly G., 45 Indianola, Iowa

This packet I have sent you is not the full Fresh Fruit Cleanse book. There will be so much more information in the book which is beneficial for your health and well-being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Did you know it’s important to have a water filter for your shower head? There are high amounts of chlorine in tap water. Apparently, a shower filter will improve your skin and hair within days. Anytime you bathe it’s important to bathe in water that has been filtered. I’m getting my shower filter asap and they are really affordable. I’m looking forward to sharing all of this other helpful information with you, as well.

Peace be with you and all of us and blessings on your journey of health and well-being. I am looking for 50 people who would like to go thorugh the Fresh Fruit Cleanse. So, I will be following up with you each of you, individually, to know if you will be going through the Fresh Fruit Cleanse this month and if you would be willing to share about your experience with all of us. If you decide to share this information with anyone else, please let me know, so I may email them directly to help assist and encourage them along with their cleanse. I would also like to know if they would be willing to share a testimonial, too, in the book. Here is the link to the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book which is available for pre-order now on The book will be published in April and all of you are invited to the release party which will be in April, as well. I will share more details with you about the party in April, but it will be rawsome, fun and fruitilicious for sure with lots of good people to connect with and know. And, of course, we will share a Yoga practice together, as well, overlooking a beautiful setting here in Dallas.

Thank you all and love and blessings to everyone!

Leanne Hall
True Yoga, Inc.

(A friend of mine told me to take a picture without make-up. So, here I am…the make-up free me. This one is without powder which is a big deal for me. But, I only use all-natural mineral powder now and I’m glad for the change. I feel so much better putting natural products on my face and skin. I’m so excited to cleanse and feel even healthier in every cell of my being.)

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