What is the Fresh Fruit Cleanse? 1, 3, 5, or 7 Day cleanse with delicious and nutritious all-fruit recipes

Detox with Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall

What is the Fresh Fruit Cleanse?

The Fresh Fruit Cleanse is a 1, 3, 5 or 7 day cleanse with delicious and nutritious all-fruit recipes that allow you to eat AND lose weight. Fruit cleansing is one of the healthiest and nutritious ways to lose weight and feel great. There are so many nutritional benefits to fruit, which is, nature's most effective cleanser. Fruit supplies energy, antioxidants, essential vitamins and minerals, and, is low in calories. By fruit cleansing and giving your body a rest from the heavier foods which are normally eaten, it allows your digestive system to detoxify, getting rid of toxins and wastes and restoring harmony and balance to your entire body.

Eat Healthy & Lose Weight

With dishes like Chocolate Pudding, Spaghetti Squash, Coconut Blueberry Smoothies, Tomato Basil Soup and Avocado Salad with Green Olives you'll enjoy cleansing, losing weight, feeling better, looking great, detoxifying your body, increasing your energy and improving mental clarity WHILE you get to eat satisfying and delicious food.

Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall available on Amazon.com


An all-fruit cleanse even for just a day is a powerful practice for resetting yourself in a healthy way. You will notice you have more time to meditate and reflect on what matters most in life. You can choose to eat the same fruit throughout the entire day or to vary the fruits. Either way, you will feel better and healthier. You may find there is a particular day of the week that appeals to you for cleansing, and you may prefer to cleanse on the same day each week. Or you can go through the 1-Day Fruit Blast any time you are inspired to, because any day of the week is a good day to rejuvenate yourself with an all-fruit cleanse.

I also appreciate the 1-Day Fruit Blast when I feel as if I'm coming down with something, which fortunately is very rarely. If you think you might be catching a cold or a bug, the 1-Day Fruit Blast will help you to cleanse your body and cells and rebuild your immune system.

Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall available on Amazon.com


A great choice for novice cleansers, the 3-Day Reset is the easiest of all the cleanses to go through and complete. This is my favorite cleanse to do anytime of the year when I feel I've been overindulgent in what I've eaten or the choices I've made.

While weight loss may not be as significant as on the longer cleanses, you will still see some slimming results along with increased energy, a clearer mind, lighter body, and better skin. This cleanse also offers potential cleansing of other physical and mental or emotional conditions, such as allergies, headaches, insomnia, anxiety, mental lethargy, and depression.

A good time to go through the 3-Day Reset is after festive holiday weekends, such as Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, and Labor Day, to reset and rebalance yourself in every way.

Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall available on Amazon.com


Because the 5-Day Rebalance is a significantly longer cleanse, it's best to go through it during a time of seasonal change. That way, you can align yourself with the natural changes already unfolding. I find it best to begin this cleanse on either Monday or Tuesday and complete it on either Friday or Saturday.

The 5-Day Rebalance includes some larger meals to keep you going through the full 5 days. Yet, you will see greater weight loss results, as well as cleansing benefits, on this cleanse than on the shorter cleanses. You'll also have more time and energy to realign your priorities and focus on what's most important to you in life, whether that's nurturing your hobbies, interests, relationships, physical fitness, or anything else that makes you feel your best. Be sure you have time to rest during this cleanse and aren't required to engage in any strenuous physical, mental, or emotional activity.

Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall available on Amazon.com


The 7-Day Detox is great for more experienced cleansers--or first-time cleansers who are feeling ambitious and want to see major results.

Because you are nourishing your body with healthy food and nutrition, it's possible to work, attend to daily tasks, and exercise while on the 7-Day Detox, but it's good idea to plan the cleanse for a time when you have the option of resting more and doing less.

I think you will find, as I do, that going through this cleanse program in fall or spring produces maximum results: weight loss, cellular detoxification, revitalizing of internal organs and digestion, cleansing of the intestinal tract, glowing skin, and increased energy, mental clarity, and focus. As you awaken your willpower, you, too, will realize that you can reach your goals, whether that's a healthier body or a dream you'd like to achieve in life.


An All-in-One Cleanse

While you are cleansing on the Fresh Fruit Cleanse you can incorporate other cleansing techniques into your program, like a parasite cleanse, or, other additional remedies to intensify the cleansing effects on the liver, kidney and colon.

Additional Tips
& Techniques Included

Even without adding these techniques you will still be cleansing all of the organs of the body. But, a few of the additional organ cleansing techniques discussed in the book can give you increased cleansing benefits from the Fresh Fruit Cleanse.

So, with the information in this book you can design your own cleansing program, from year-to-year, to make it as comprehensive as you like by adding in other cleansing techniques like a salt water flush or colonic, a kidney detox, liver cleanse, and/or a parasite cleanse depending on your cleansing needs.

Affordable and Effective

Many food and juice cleanses are expensive costing anywhere from $70 - $100 per day just for juice! When you only drink liquids during a juice fast you aren't even getting the fiber your body receives from whole food, just the vitamins. The fiber is essential for optimally cleansing out the digestive tract, intestines and colon. So, it's much better to eat during a cleanse rather than go on a food fast and fruit is the most cleansing food you can eat because of the water and fiber. Occasionally, it's fine to fast with just liquids. But, again, the Fresh Fruit Cleanse is about transforming your choices and learning how to nourish your body, cells and self...not just for 1, 3, 5 or 7 days but for life.

If you want to experience optimal cleansing, the Fresh Fruit Cleanse is the way to go to feel and look your best and to give your body the greatest gift of healthy nutrition and radiant health there is. There's no need to deprive yourself of food... you can love food AND feel your very best. There are many different cleansing regimens, but the Fresh Fruit Cleanse is my favorite by far. I have been going through it every year, about twice a year, for 8 years and it only gets better, easier and more enjoyable each year I've gone through it.

With the wonderful recipes in this book, including, the many others I will find along the way, I can see myself enjoying the Fresh Fruit Cleanse on a regular basis throughout the rest of my life. I'm so grateful for this cleanse and all of the amazing, healthy, optimally nutritious and delicious recipes which were contributed to this book to make all of our lives and our health the best it can be.