Leanne Hall | Author of Fresh Fruit Cleanse: Detox, Lose Weight and Restore Your Health with Nature's Most Delicious Foods | Dallas, Texas

Detox with Fresh Fruit Cleanse by Leanne Hall

Leanne's Journey

Leanne has been following her passion for health, wellness, nutrition, yoga, meditation, and spirituality since taking her first yoga class in 2001. Since then, she has explored the world of nutrition, studying about many nutritional lifestyles, including cleansing, superfoods, vegetarianism, veganism, and the raw foods diet. Her experiences have led her to her practice and passion for healthy food and nutrition. The Fresh Fruit Cleanse book is filled with information about health, wellness, nutrition and lots of great recipes, as well as, inspiration to uplift and strengthen you. With the Fresh Fruit Cleanse, you will be inspired to grow healthy and well and awaken to your true potential with every breath you breathe.

In the Fresh Fruit Cleanse book, Leanne Hall shares her personal story of transformation and how she has realized the strength to grow healthy and well physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Having struggled with unhealthy relationships to food and other substances, she hopes her personal story will motivate and inspire you to make healthier choices in your life, too.

Leanne is the owner of True Yoga and since 2002 has taught True Yoga Classes and workshops to thousands of people helping them to realize greater health, peace, happiness and well-being. In 2005 Leanne developed the True Yoga Blog where she shares information and inspiration related to living a healthy, peaceful and inspired life. She continues to be inspired to learn and study about the vast knowledge of nutritional wellbeing and its incredible power to promote healing physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually and looks forward to continuing to share her love for health and wellness with you here and on the True Yoga Blog.

To learn more about True Yoga classes, workshops and the True Yoga DVD available for purchase online, please visit www.trueyogainc.com.